How to Properly Leverage Data & Technology Across The Entire Credit Lifecycle with Gary Byrne

As much as lending has changed in the last few years, its  fundamental tenet—putting the customer at the center of every choice—remains unchanged. Nevertheless, the last few years have brought an abundance of changes fueled by digitisation and the adoption of big data.

This, combined with shifting borrower expectations, has driven positive impacts in the financial services space. Today, as the UK and the rest of the world experience economic difficulty and uncertainty, lenders must fully comprehend how these conditions affect their customer’s creditworthiness and ability to pay. And most importantly, lenders must effectively leverage technology and analytics to make accurate decisions and quickly respond to changing conditions.

In this episode, we’re joined by Gary Byrne,  who manages GDS Link’s UK Sales Operations. Gary boasts over 25 years of experience within credit risk and is intimately familiar with the nuances and challenges facing UK lenders and organisations.

Gary brings his expertise to the table to shed light on key topics such as:

  • Some  steps lenders should take to account for inflation
  • The role of speed and transactional data in the decisioning process
  • Factors  slowing down the adoption of Open Banking data
  • How to future-proof your technology stack

About Gary Byrne:

Gary heads GDS Link’s UK business and is responsible for building a scalable, sustainable, targeted sales model focused on forging lasting client partnerships across a diverse yet highly sophisticated market.

Gary’s experience stretches from First Direct and HBOS to Experian Scorex, Provenir, Earnix, FICO, and more recently, TransUnion UK, where he was accountable for UK Software Sales.

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