Increasing Profitability and Fairness Through Decisioning with Kareem Saleh from

Transforming Lending Practices with A Conversation on Fairness and Profitability in Decisioning

Bias may present itself in a variety of ways within lending. When assessing biases, two issues frequently arise: Was someone treated differently because of who they are? Or did a sincere goal activity end as being harmful to one group?

A recent wave of technological innovation has enabled lenders to better comprehend how distinct subpopulations might perform differently than the kind of borrower they’re used to seeing or that’s effectively represented in the data.

On this episode of The Lending Link, we sit down with Kareem Saleh, CEO and co-founder of, which assists lenders in identifying potential disparities in the decisioning systems, provides options to increase profitability and fairness, and helps in demonstrating to consumers, regulators and the public that they are taking strong steps to be fair.

Kareem and Rich discuss how to assess algorithms for bias and optimize them for failures and as well as discuss a number of topics, including:

  • The role of alternative data in credit underwriting and machine learning
  • What is the adverse impact ratio? How is it determined? How does it function?
  • How to identify variables for the protected groups that may not be in your initial model
  • Opportunities for lenders to meet the requirements under the Community Reinvestment Act and more!

About Kareem Saleh

Kareem Saleh is the founder and CEO of FairPlay, the world’s first Fairness-as-a-Service company. Financial Institutions use FairPlay’s APIs to embed fairness considerations into their marketing, underwriting, pricing, and loss mitigation algorithms and automate fair lending testing and reporting. Previously Kareem served as Executive VicePresident at, where he led business development for the company’s machine learning-powered credit underwriting platform.

Prior to, Kareem served as an executive at SoftCard, a mobile payments company that Google acquired. Kareem also served in the Obama Administration, first as Chief of Staff to the State Department’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, where he helped manage the 50-person team that negotiated the Paris Climate Agreement, then as Senior Advisor to the CEO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) where he helped direct the U.S. Government’s $30B portfolio of emerging market investments with responsibility for transaction teams in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Kareem is a Forbes contributor and a frequent speaker on the application of AI to financial services. He is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and an honors graduate of the University of Chicago.

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