Kevin Moss Forecasts the Future of The Industry and Explores Fintech, Risk, and Economic Trends


Delve into a captivating exploration of financial trends, risk management strategies, and the forefront of lending practices.

Join your hosts, Rich Alterman and acclaimed lending expert Kevin Moss, as they skillfully dissect a spectrum of compelling topics that traverse the industry, and he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. In this episode of The Lending Link, Kevin and Rich discuss the intricacies of financial trends, risk assessment, and the ever-evolving fintech terrain, and discuss key topics like: 

Reflecting on Strategies: Rich Alterman starts the episode by introducing Kevin Moss, an industry expert with an impressive lending and risk management track record. They explore parallels between financial decisions and sports strategies, investigating avenues for improved outcomes. 

Economic Projections: Gain valuable insights into the current economic landscape and predictions for the rest of 2023 and beyond. Rich and Kevin concisely recap their previous episode, shedding light on economic trends and financial forecasts that pave the way forward. 

Student Loan Dynamics: Cast a spotlight on the federal student loan pause, unraveling borrowers’ intricate challenges juggling loan payments and essential expenses. Delve into the broader economic implications as this critical issue takes center stage. 

Navigating Uncertainty: As the possibility of an upcoming recession looms, the discussion pivots toward credit card delinquency trends, particularly in the nonprime sector. Amidst uncertainty, the conversation highlights the overall stability of credit health across diverse portfolios. 

Insights & Strategies: Kevin Moss introduces the groundbreaking  TransUnion VantageScore 4.0 Study, offering profound insights into evolving credit scoring models.  

Tackling Economic Challenges: Address concerns around inflation and potential interest rate hikes, focusing on their impact on personal finances. Valuable lessons from the Goldman bankruptcy underscore the significance of commitment in the dynamic fintech realm. 

Fintech Evolution: Explore the remarkable trend of lenders diversifying their services beyond personal loans. Kevin sheds light on the cyclical nature of fintech growth and innovative product development’s pivotal role in achieving triumph. 

Risk Management Mastery: Kevin’s expertise shines as he shares invaluable insights into effective risk management strategies for credit card companies. From hiring practices to mitigating risk exposure, listeners gain practical wisdom for optimizing risk management. 

Banking Transformation: Rich and Kevin unravel the unique advantages traditional banks enjoy, from funding dominance to deposit-driven growth. The conversation also delves into the shift to digital channels and the evolving landscape of physical branches. 

Debt Dynamics: Explore the factors driving increased debt despite multiple fed funds rate hikes, from personal loans to credit card trends. The conversation also probes the evolution of industry underwriting practices to navigate the current economic climate challenges. 

Harnessing Data’s Potential: Investigate the impact of integrating cash flow data into credit scores, considering potential biases and alignment with public policy objectives. Delve into the far-reaching implications of this evolution on lending and risk assessment. 

Revolutionizing Financial Models: Kevin unveils bank transaction data adoption rates, offering insights into credit bureau preferences’ seamless allure. The episode introduces the innovative Financial Data Exchange (FDX) concept and explores the power of diverse data streams in fortifying financial models. 

Equity in Lending: Rich and Kevin dive into the imperative of fairness in lending, emphasizing proactive measures to identify disparate impact and promote ethical lending practices through transparency. 

Tune in now to this captivating episode for a deeper understanding of navigating financial trends, expertly managing risks, and adopting best lending practices: 

Episode Notes: 

About Kevin Moss

Kevin Moss is a Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group, Inc., who is actively involved with financial institutions and Risk & Compliance practices. Kevin works with clients on credit, fraud & banking risk management, FinTech, and advisory. Kevin has a strong history of advising clients in risk management & related matters for deposit/credit products, with deep knowledge of digital channel strategies. 

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