Leveraging Data to Minimize Risk and Rethink the Customer Lifecycle

Recently, our Executive Vice President of Business Development, Rich Alterman, had the opportunity to sit down with BadCredit.org to discuss how lenders are adjusting to an increasingly rapid-paced environment, and how GDS Link is stepping up to the challenge with quicker and more accurate decision-making solutions.

A preview of the article below:

One of the most crucial steps on the path to lending money is assessing credit risk.

A poor assessment can not only result in the lender losing money, but a consumer or business could be unduly granted a large loan they may not be able to repay, which can land them in dire financial circumstances.

Maintaining an up-to-date and fair strategy to manage credit risks benefits both businesses and consumers.

GDS Link provides today’s lenders with modern tools to manage credit risk through its technology solutions and its analytical and consulting services.

Read the FULL ARTICLE HERE at BadCredit.org

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