Introducing ePrescreen365: GDS Link Marketing Services’ New Widget for Perpetual Online Loan Programs

Revolutionize Your Loan Program Marketing with ePrescreen365: GDS Link’s Innovative Widget Solution

In today’s fast-paced digital world, meeting consumer demands and delivering a seamless online experience is crucial for businesses. At GDS Link Marketing Services, we understand the significance of providing a cost-effective and efficient solution. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new widget, ePrescreen365. 

What is ePrescreen365? 

ePrescreen365 is a multi-loan type perpetual online loan program that offers an easy and convenient digital solution for presenting prescreened loan offers. With ePrescreen365, users can access their prequalified loan 24/7, 365 days a year, making it a genuinely perpetual online loan program. 

Benefits of ePrescreen365 

ePrescreen365 offers several key benefits that make it a valuable tool for both businesses and their customers/members: 

  • Meet consumer demand for online access via fast simple authentication process (2FA): With ePrescreen365, users can conveniently access their loan offers online through a fast and secure two-factor authentication process. This ensures a seamless and trustworthy experience. 
  • No integration required; consistent and seamless customer experience: Unlike other solutions, ePrescreen365 does not require integration, providing a consistent and seamless customer experience. Users can view loan offers without leaving your website, fostering a sense of continuity. 
  • Daily “visitor” reports to identify and maximize loan opportunities: The widget provides daily “visitor” reports that allow businesses to identify leads and follow up on them effectively. Companies can maximize loan opportunities and tailor their marketing strategies by understanding visitor trends and behaviors.

Responsive Design and Mobile-Friendly Experience 

 ePrescreen365 boasts a responsive design and ensures a seamless user experience across various devices. It captures essential data such as the user’s name and date of birth for authentication purposes. The two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, instilling trust and confidence in your customers/members.

Simple Steps to Implementation

 Implementing ePrescreen365 is a straightforward process. Here are the simple steps involved: 

  1. Choose URL: Select the URL location for the widget and create a shell landing page that aligns with your website’s branding. 
  2. Paste Code: GDS Link provides a code snippet to paste onto the new landing page easily. 
  3. Publish: Publish the code and begin directing traffic to the landing page. Start leveraging the power of ePrescreen365 to enhance your online loan programs.

Marketing Ideas to Maximize Reach

To maximize the reach and impact of ePrescreen365, GDS Link Marketing Services offers several marketing ideas. Here are some ways to promote the widget: 

  1. Website: Utilize website banners and ads to inform visitors about their online loan offers. 
  2. Email: Send email announcements, newsletters, and marketing campaigns to notify customers/members about their prequalified loan offers. 
  3. Text: Utilize SMS or text messages to reach customers/members directly and inform them about their loan options. 
  4. Push: Utilize push notifications via mobile apps to engage with customers/members and keep them informed about their loan offers. 
  5. Statements: Include information about online loan offers on billing statements to increase visibility. 
  6. Direct Mail: Add details about ePrescreen365 to all direct mail marketing pieces, such as postcards and ITA (Inquiry to Application) documents

Tracking/Reporting Levels 

 ePrescreen365 offers three tracking and reporting levels to help businesses gain valuable insights. These tracking/reporting levels include: 

  • App Starts: This level tracks users who have submitted the prescreen form by providing their name and date of birth. It helps businesses identify the initial engagement and interest of potential customers. 
  • Offers: The Offers level tracks users who have successfully passed the authentication process. It provides valuable data on customers/members eligible to view loan offers, indicating a higher level of interest and potential conversion. 
  • Selected: The selected level tracks customers/members who have gone a step further and selected at least one loan offer. It signifies a higher level of intent and allows businesses to focus on nurturing and guiding these leads through the application process.

Integration Options 

ePrescreen365 offers various integration options to connect with your existing systems and processes seamlessly. These options include: 

  • Redirect: A simple redirect from the loan offer page to your Loan Origination System (LOS) or another landing page. 
  • Prefill via URL: Customer/Member information can be prefilled into the LOS application form using URL parameters, making the application process more convenient. 
  • Post to Form: Customer/Member information can be securely posted behind the scenes using post-to-form technology to populate the LOS or other forms seamlessly. 
  • API Integration: For more advanced integration needs, ePrescreen365 provides an API integration option with your LOS or other providers. This integration requires a request process to obtain the necessary permissions

Unlock the Potential of ePrescreen365 

ePrescreen365 is a powerful tool for financial institutions, credit unions, and lenders who want to streamline their loan processes, provide an exceptional online experience, and leverage data-driven insights for maximum results. It empowers businesses to meet consumer demands, deliver a seamless customer experience, and optimize their loan programs. 

To learn more about ePrescreen365 and see it in action: 

This cost-effective and innovative widget will allow you to transform your online loan programs. Contact GDS Link Marketing Services now and unlock the full potential of ePrescreen365. 


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