GDS Link + Predictive Black: Predict and Plan Your Financial Future with AI – Webinar Replay

In today’s fluid environment, the need for organizations to transition away from manual processes and enable automated, instantaneous reporting has never been more important, to stay ahead.

In our latest webinar, GDS Link and our premier partner, Predictive Black, demonstrated how, through leveraging
best-in-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) cloud technology, your organization can:

• Seamlessly integrate banking and accounting data to generate accurate, up-to-date snapshots of your financials
• Assess client/supplier performance, including debtor days profile, cash flow, income verification, and custom credit score(s)
• Simulate all possible “What If” scenarios through intuitive scenario-planning functionality

Watch the recording of the webinar below:

Predictive Black’s core mission is to help organizations “Plan Fast & Execute Faster” through robust and intuitive decision-making. Predictive Black’s proprietary service uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to constantly improve and give increasingly refined predictive forecasts, giving stakeholders a competitive advantage when it comes to gaining confidence over their financial future and managing risk.

When coupled with GDS Link’s industry-leading modeling through our ModellicaPro Analytical Services, financial organizations can stay ahead of the competition and improve profitability. Through our collaboration with Predictive Black, our team works with you to identify your untapped opportunities and turn these into reducing exposure, greater responses and approvals, improved operational efficiency, and ultimately more margin leveraging clients open banking, internal & 3rd party data. Now is the time to chart your financial future for 2022 and beyond by leaving manual reporting in the past. Speak with a Solutions Specialist today:

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