A Day in the Life of Emma Jarvis

[:en]Personal Assistant
I joined GDS Link (UK) Limited in March. I came from Virgin Atlantic where I’d ben for 9 years. Virgin Atlantic gave me the organisational skills and temperament needed for being a PA. I loved travelling and seeing the world but I was ready to come back to the normality of office hours and weekends off.
7:45 am:
I travel into work by train, I like to listen to Adele or Fleetwood Mac to start the morning off or if I have the concentration I’ll read a book.
Occasionally a supermarket stop first for breakfast and arrive for work.
Lunch Time:
Sometime we’ll have a work lunch date out otherwise I’ll run errands and walk around M&S with Victoria hunting down free samples.
After lunch I will make sure any urgent tasks that are outstanding for the day are completed. Check the diary for the following day to see if anything needs prepping or arranging.
Arrive back at the train station, currently we are renovating our house so if I’m not painting or shopping for décor then it might be tea out or a night in.
3 Top tips for being a successful Personal Assistant?

  • Write down everything.
  • Prioritise.
  • Be ready for any task that can could come up unexpectedly and don’t assume your day will always go the way you planned it to.

Q1: What is the biggest challenge you face as part of your role and how to do you work around it?     
Much of the terminology used in the office environment was another language to me at first. Over time and with colleagues help, I have learnt more about what the meanings are and understand them.
Q2: What’s your favourite City and why?     
Its flits between a few depending on how nostalgic I’m feeling but Shanghai has a special place in my heart. It’s crazy, full of life, never stops and nothing fazes anyone in that city.
Q3: Tell us how you most like to spend your weekends…  
It takes me too long to recover from a night out these days so weekends tend to be spent with my fiancée having days out if we’ve the weather or deciding on colours to decorate rooms in the house.
Q4: What’s your favourite role at GDS Link?      
I enjoy the interaction my role gives me with all my colleagues and I thrive on the variation of my day.[:]

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