Boost Your Credit Union’s Mortgage Business with First Mortgage Campaigns

Elevate Your Credit Union’s Mortgage Business with First Mortgage Campaigns from GDS Link Marketing Services

As the mortgage market becomes increasingly competitive, credit unions need to be proactive in identifying and reaching out to qualified prospects. GDS Link Marketing Services offers a turnkey marketing service called First Mortgage Campaigns, designed to help credit unions grow their mortgage market share.

What are First Mortgage Campaigns?

First Mortgage Campaigns are highly targeted and personalized direct mail campaigns aimed at creditworthy prospects. The service includes two specific campaigns, the Mortgage Recapture Campaign and the 1st Time Home Buyers Campaign, which are designed to identify and target prospects most likely to be in the market for a mortgage.

Benefits of First Mortgage Campaigns

The benefits of the First Mortgage Campaigns service are significant. Credit unions can increase their revenue per household, boost income and loan-to-share for retained loans, strengthen member relationships, create multiple cross-sell opportunities, and increase the likelihood of future financing at the credit union. The campaigns avoid mass marketing and control risk by targeting only qualified members and enhancing return on investment with targeted mailings, batch processing, and strong response rates.

How Credit Unions Utilize First Mortgage Campaigns

Credit unions can utilize the Mortgage Recapture Campaign to target creditworthy members who currently have adjustable-rate mortgages or high-interest-rate conventional mortgages. Credit unions can generate new loans and strengthen member relationships by refinancing these members into more suitable mortgage products based on their financial profile and needs.

The 1st Time Home Buyers Campaign targets creditworthy members who do not currently have a mortgage but are demographically the most likely to be in the market for their first home. By guiding these members through the mortgage process, credit unions can generate new loans and create multiple cross-sell opportunities.

Partnering with GDS Link Marketing Services

GDS Link Marketing Services is a financial technology service that leverages credit data to help clients generate new loans, provide FICO® Scores and credit education for consumers, and identify, measure, and manage portfolio risk and opportunity through comprehensive loan management. The company has been serving the credit union industry since 1994 and has gained the trust of more than 3,000 credit unions.

GDS Link Marketing Services provides an all-inclusive turnkey direct mail marketing program from design to mailing, which incorporates Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act-compliant processes and disclosures. The service achieves significant economies of scale through batch processing multiple credit unions, allowing targeted mailings and strong response rates.

Supercharge Your Credit Union’s Mortgage Business

Partnering with GDS Link Marketing Services can help credit unions take advantage of the latest technology and marketing strategies to generate new loans and strengthen member relationships. To learn more about First Mortgage Campaigns and schedule a meeting with GDS Link Marketing Services, here:

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