[Case Study] GDS Link Helps Marine Credit Union Achieve 60% Auto-Decision Rate and 40% Auto-Approval Rate

Transforming Lending with Technology and Data: Marine Credit Union’s Success Story with GDS Link

In today’s fast-paced lending environment, credit unions need to streamline their lending process to meet customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition. GDS Link’s new case study with Marine Credit Union showcases how technology and data analytics can help financial institutions overcome common lending challenges, such as manual processes, inefficient workflows, and compliance risks. 

Marine Credit Union, a Wisconsin-based financial institution, faced challenges in its lending operations. Its manual underwriting process could have been faster and more laborious, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. The credit union needed a solution that could automate and optimize its lending processes while ensuring compliance with regulations. 

That’s when Marine Credit Union turned to GDS Link, a leading provider of credit risk management solutions. Together, they implemented GDS Link’s solution, which leverages data analytics, decisioning technology, and automation to streamline lending processes, reduce errors, and improve decision accuracy. 

The results of GDS Link’s custom models and automation solutions for Marine Credit Union were impressive. They achieved an auto-decision on 60% of loan applications and an overall auto-approval rate of 40%, which is a significant improvement from the previous auto-decision rate of 37% and auto-approval rate of 17.86%.

So, why is this case study important to you as a reader? It shows how GDS Link’s solution can help credit unions like yours overcome common lending challenges, such as manual processes and inefficient workflows. You can learn from Marine Credit Union’s experience and see how to implement similar solutions in your operations. 

Additionally, this case study demonstrates the importance of leveraging technology and data analytics in today’s lending landscape. With increasing competition and changing customer expectations, financial institutions must embrace digital transformation to stay ahead. GDS Link’s solution can help you do just that. 

To learn more about Marine Credit Union’s success story and GDS Link’s solution, download the full case study now and see how you can transform your lending operations and improve your bottom line.

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