A Day in the Life of Jack Gorton

[:en]Data Analyst
About Jack:
I’m Jack, I graduated in June from the University of Leeds where I got a master’s degree in Physics with Astrophysics, and a BSc in Physics with Astrophysics. I also studied in Canada at McMaster University for a year as a part of my course. I have been in this field for 5 months, which coincidentally is the same amount of time I have worked at GDS!
Quirky fact about me: I can wiggle my ears without touching them.
7:45 am: Crawl into the shower, make tea, drink tea and prepare for the day ahead. ­
8:30 am: Walk to work listening to the charts! Everybody needs some good music in the morning.
Noon/Lunch time: Lunch is normally either some sandwiches from home, a baguette or a Katsu curry from Wasabi (Wasabi is obviously, my preferred option!).
13:00 pm: After lunch I usually catch up with Jordan to run through what we’re working on that afternoon.
18:00 pm: I normally get home at around half 5, crack a beer while making tea and then watch something on Netflix/catch up with any sports stuff I missed during the day (recently England vs India cricket).
3 Top tips for being a successful Data Analyst?

  • Be methodical
  • Learn a statistical programming language (e.g. R), to avoid using excel so much!
  • Stackoverflow is your best friend.

Q1: What have you learnt while working at GDS Link, that you are most proud of?  
I wrote a script that uses timestamps within file names to calculate how long calls to bureaus were taking, improving upon the previous method of using the ‘Date modified’ in the file properties.
Q2: What’s your favourite TV Programme? Tell us your favourite scene from this programme.    
My current favourite TV program is either Westworld or Planet Earth 2. The end of the most recent episode of Westworld was my favourite scene so far, as it contained a big twist. The best planet earth scene was the Iguana being chased by snakes.
Q3: If you could go to anybody in the world’s concert, who would it be and why?    
Radiohead, because they are dope and I have not seen them before.[:]

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