Decisions as a Service

Customer data is more widely available than ever, but leveraging data to drive smarter decisions requires new thinking and a new kind of agility. As companies develop strategies for both cloud computing and for using Big Data to improve customer relationships, analytically-empowered solutions, cloud-based applications and a flexible cloud-based Decision Management development platform become essential.

Multibureau and Data Management

Leveraging the power of GDS Modellica’s DataView360* end users can be trained to easily create new attributes based on the predefined and preprogramed set delivered under the standard Use License. Our retrospective analysis and simulation tools allow end users to perform ‘what if’ against archived data. The GDS attributes covers Inquiries, Tradelines, Public Records and Collection Items.

Cloud Infrastructure

Choosing a cloud deployment over traditional software implementation frees your IT department to focus on core business initiatives.

Cloud Analytics

ModellicaPro provides client high end modelling service using Machine Learning approaches and access to new data sources through an API driven, low cost, monthly model monitoring service.

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