Intelligence and new channels, a perfect combination for more efficient collections

On January 27th , GDS Modellica together with Imbee and in collaboration with Abanca Servicios Financieros held an instructive webinar “Inteligencia y nuevos canales: combinación perfecta para un recobro más eficiente”. / Intelligence and new channels: the perfect combination for more efficient recovery.

During the session, top professionals in this area shared their knowledge, experience and advice, to offer a more complete vision of the economic environment and its constant changes, of the different technologies to the rescue of companies in difficulty in their collections & recovery process and their advantages.

To address the complexity of the topic and explain it in the most informative way possible, the webinar was led by Julián Muñoz, Señor Project manager at GDS Modellica. Ignasi Casanovas, CEO of Imbee and Blanca Mosquera, Head of the Collections Area of Abanca Servicios Financieros.

The good response to the call, as well as the questions asked, has demonstrated the interest in the subject proposed by GDS Modellica, Imbee & Abanca Servicios Financieros to the actors of the financial world in Spain and Latin America.

If you would like to know more about this topic, or are interested in the decisional technologies of GDS Modellica, contact us.



Jan 27 2021
GDS Modellica


GDS Modellica

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