Lending Link LIVE: CEO of FairPlay Discusses the Future of Compliance in Model Risk Management.

Broadcasting live from Fintech Meetup in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are excited to showcase another exciting episode of the Lending Link Podcast. This time, we’re syncing up with Kareem Saleh, CEO of Fairplay, who shares Fairplay’s innovative approach that allows companies to evaluate the fairness of their predictive models and make informed decisions to promote inclusivity and equity. Learn how Fairplay’s platform empowers financial institutions to increase approval rates, enhance fairness to protected groups, and drive profitability, and how they strive to meet the growing expectations from consumers and regulators alike.

Kareem discusses the broader implications of fairness across the entire credit lifecycle, emphasizing the need for fairness in marketing, fraud detection, income verification, and more. Moreover, Kareem provides a glimpse into the future of Fairplay, previewing upcoming enhancements such as a compliance copilot to assist chief compliance officers in navigating the complexities of AI, big data, and bias in consumer credit.

Whether you’re a financial professional, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the evolving landscape of fairness in finance, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Fairplay and uncover the possibilities of a fairer, more inclusive financial future. Tune in now and be inspired by the vision of fairness in financial services.

Jump into the latest episode and explore the future of finance and upcoming trends in fintech with Fairplay’s Kareem Saleh.

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About Fairplay

Founded in 2020 in response to calls for greater action against systemic bias, FairPlay™ is the world’s first Fairness-as-a-Service™ company offering products that use advanced AI fairness techniques to reduce algorithmic bias for people of color, women, and other historically disadvantaged groups. Each day, decisions like whether we get a loan, a job interview, or even a kidney transplant are being made by algorithms. And many of these algorithms are perpetuating or even worsening the discrimination of the past. FairPlay’s mission is to build Fairness Infrastructure for the Internet, so that any company using an algorithm to make high-stakes decisions about people’s lives can ensure that those decisions are made fairly.

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