GDS Link to Attend Bank/Alternative Lender Strategic Partnership Summit

GDS Link will be attending this year’s Financial Research Associates’ Bank/Alternative Lender Strategic Partnership Summit, May 10-11, 2017 at The Princeton Club in New York, NY.
According to Financial Research Associates (FRA), 2017 has hailed as the year of alternative lender and bank partnerships and competition has become cooperation as traditional financial institutions and fintech companies are teaming up to user in the future of small business lending.
“With the emergence of alternative lenders and banks coming together and forging partnerships, it is crucial to fully understand not only the significance of this shift, but what it means for fintech companies and financial institutions. By attending this summit, attendees will discuss opportunities, challenges and the future of the industry,” said Paul Greenwood, President and Co-founder of GDS Link.
Key sessions of the summit include:

  • Factors for identifying an ideal partner;
  • How to know when to walk away from a potential partnership;
  • Essential steps for conducting due diligence; and
  • Harnessing data to increase security and transparency.

Representing GDS Link is Rich Alterman, Executive Vice President, Business Development. To schedule a time to meet with Alterman, email or visit To learn more and register for Bank/Alternative Lender Strategic Partnership Summit, please visit

About Financial Research Associates
Since 2001, Financial Research Associates has provided the retail and institutional financial markets with crucial educational and networking opportunities covering issues and topics that are often news to even the news media! With the FRA partners’ 65+ years of combined conference experience, our seamless operational processes and the extensive, original research that goes into each topic, FRA has established itself as the leading provider of substantive, topical information for C-suite financial executives.

About GDS Link
GDS Link, LLC’s core platform, DataView360®, provides its clients in multiple financial verticals with the power and flexibility to rapidly implement their credit risk strategies in support of their lending and account management practices. GDS Link’s data bureau gateway provides easy access to a multitude of third-party data sources in support of risk assessment, fraud prevention and mitigation, income and employment verification processes. Our workflow component fulfills a client’s requirements for processing applications that require manual intervention. Founded in 2006, GDS Link is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with seven international offices including the United Kingdom and Spain. For more information, please visit

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