New Market Growth Discusses Affiliate Marketplaces, Lender Strategies, and Emerging Opportunities

In this episode of The Lending Link, host Rich Alterman sits down with Carlos Caro, the founder of New Market Growth, to dive deep into the world of affiliate marketplaces and their crucial role in the lending industry. 

Carlos kicks off the conversation by introducing himself and sharing his intriguing journey from a poker enthusiast to a seasoned professional at renowned companies like Credit Karma and Capital One. He then provides a comprehensive overview of affiliate marketplaces, detailing how they connect consumers with the right lending products while enabling lenders to acquire customers efficiently. 

The discussion covers the significant players in the affiliate marketplace, including giants like NerdWallet and Credit Karma, as well as emerging entrants targeting niche segments such as subprime borrowers. Carlos also elaborates on various affiliate integration strategies, ranging from click-out models to fully hosted applications and their respective impacts on conversion rates. 

The challenges of backend verification for large loans when affiliates manage applications are dissected, shedding light on the complexities lenders face in this area. Carlos explains New Market Growth’s meticulous evaluation process for potential lender clients, emphasizing key factors like product offerings, underwriting models, and growth aspirations. 

Listeners will gain valuable insights into optimizing lender models for seamless integration into affiliate marketplaces and the common concerns lenders have regarding sharing their credit policy intellectual property. Carlos discusses how affiliates and fintechs address these concerns, ensuring a secure and efficient marketplace ecosystem. 

The episode also explores the untapped opportunities for regional banks and credit unions through affiliate marketing. Carlos offers his perspective on the rise of lesser-known credit card issuers leveraging affiliate distribution.  

Join us for an enlightening conversation that uncovers the intricacies of affiliate marketplaces and their transformative potential in the lending landscape.


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About New Market Growth 

New Market Growth (NMG) helps lenders build and optimize marketing programs on Credit Karma, Experian, Lending Tree, and other credit marketplaces. Founded by two former Credit Karma executives who helped build Lightbox, NMG offers a specialty in credit marketplaces you won’t find anywhere else.


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