GDS Link releases first quarter newsletter

GDS Link’s fourth quarter newsletter, released this March, discussed the credit and risk management company’s success at the end of 2012 and its new products that customers may soon be seeing, namely a commercial credit score for a Turkish credit bureau. In April, the company released its first quarter newsletter.
Highlights in the beginning of this year included a new Consumer Credit Bureau system for the the ALJ Group in Saudi Arabia. The system includes a new alert feature that tells customers when their credit profile is changed, as well as informing them of new trade or credit inquiries. The goal is to help cut back on identity fraud, so customers are fully aware of their financial information. The new system also allows users to monitor and compare their trades as a stronger way to determine risk.
Another event that happened this quarter was a partnership with Indian firm Athena Credit Counseling Pvt Ltd. The company works with lenders and insurance companies to help them use credit information as efficiently as possible, with assistance interpreting and analyzing data.
“A credit bureau is not just about ‘catching the defaulter’ (although that does happen!) – its about identifying the good borrower, rewarding them, using bureau value add products for increasing business and profitability and laying the path to moving towards risk based differential pricing,” the newsletter explained about Athena Credit Counseling Pvt Ltd.
Lastly, the report examined the recent industry trends of peer-to-peer lending, for both individuals and hedge funds. More investors have been turning to lending through online P2P sites as an investment tool, with both high returns and low risk as advantages over other tools.

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