GDS Link US adds Risk Management Consulting and Analytic Capabilities

GDS Link, a global provider of customer-centric credit risk management and process automation solutions, today announced the addition of Risk Management Consulting and Analytics services to its offering in the US market.

Augmenting the power of GDS’ credit risk management platform, DataView360®, GDS Link has formed a new credit risk consulting and analytics practice dedicated to helping its customers navigate the increasingly complex and dynamic risk management challenges that exist across the credit lifecycle of a customer regardless of the industry; such as credit cards, marketplace lending, auto lending, business lending, short term consumer lending or any other. These challenges are coming in many forms including, but not limited, to an ever changing regulatory environment, an expanding unbanked and underbanked population, and an expanding group of millennials who have completely different customer experience expectations than most other segments.

“GDS Link has been providing DataView360 to the market since 2007 and has amassed a diverse portfolio of end users in the US” stated Paul Greenwood, President of GDS Link. “Augmenting our technology with formalized consulting and analytics capabilities in the US is a natural progression for us. We have been providing this outside the US since 2011 when we merged with Modellica”, continued Greenwood.

The newly developed consulting group integrates best practices, data and analytics to help companies meet their business objectives. Miguel Florez who recently joined GDS as its VP, Risk Management Consulting and Analytics will lead the practice. Florez comes to GDS having worked in the past with companies that includes FICO®, First Data and Experian®.

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