How Big Data can keep smaller firms competitive

This blog has previously discussed how small businesses can benefit from using Big Data. When customers see that companies are working toward giving them a personalized experience, they will be more likely to continue giving that organization their business.

Investing in tools like data engine software will help small to medium-sized companies offer competitive prices and services to customers that are fine-tuned to their needs. Without the right software and understanding of data aggregation, it will be more difficult for businesses to make sense of Big Data.

According to a recent Newsday article, smaller businesses can reap huge rewards if they are able to gather and properly analyze such information.

Joe DeMicco, president of AIMG – a web development and marketing firm – said that site level engagement and conversion are just two factors that can help determine if a company website is able to draw in leads.

“Every day people are using your website,” he told Newsday. “The question is to learn what’s working and what’s not working to engage them.”

Nicholas Bessmer, president of a Massachusetts-based IT consulting firm, explained to the news source that data is useless unless organizations are willing to sift through it and understand what it means to them and their clients. Transactions, customer behavior, web logs, inventory information, client records, accounting and documents can all be helpful, he said.

Regardless of the industry, businesses can ensure marketing optimization through a comprehensive understanding of Big Data. With the right data analysis software, companies can collect information and then apply it toward customer needs. From there, consumers will be more satisfied and will continue to work with those organizations.

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