Open Day Round-Up

[:en]We had a fantastic day celebrating GDS Link’s 10th anniversary in our UK office. We hosted our very own open day with seminars throughout the day on Assisted Segmentation, IFRS 9 and Commercial Lending.
If you didn’t manage to call in and say hello, here’s a quick round-up of what we covered in each of Assisted Segmentation and IFRS 9…
Assisted Segmentation:
Within our first seminar we presented a demo to our Decision Engine as well as running through what this can assist businesses with such as implementing decision processors, business logic controlled by the user, shorter time to market, quality control, decision simulation and more.
Both Keith (UK Managing Director) and Jordan (Analyst Consultant) presented various use cases covering originations: decision engine only as well as decision engine and data engine. IFRS 9 staging and expected loss calculation and also Big Data: SparkTM architecture.
Other use cases are account management, fraud prevention, credit limit management and collection strategies.
Our demo ran through the decision system components (processors, scorecards, segmentation trees, PMML invocations).
We also showed the formula editor, integration of PMML defined models and assisted segmentation.
The second seminar of the day was IFRS 9 / Big Data Engine and the implementation of the new international standard in financial assets accounting in retail banks. Updates for IAS issued by IASB will come into effect 1st January 2018.
IFRS 9 can be known as a regulatory challenge, we ran through our approach, project plan and conclusion.
At the last financial crisis, it was felt that the current standard was under-provisioning in financial portfolios which motivated the updates. Balance sheet value of credit loss in the core of the new regulation.
We highlighted who will be effected and who needs to ensure they have planned carefully including banks and other lenders. IFRS 9 is required/permitted by 100 countries with 3 areas of implementation. Banking and insurance industries will be impacted the most. Loss accounting is the fundamental change.
To finish the IFRS 9 seminar we ran through our solution and model features.
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