Partner Spotlight: Solutions by Text


Communicate the way they do.

With over 90% smartphone penetration and a 94% open rate in 9 minutes or less, texting has become the preferred method of communication in the U.S.
Custom Solutions for Unique Businesses
Solutions by Text doesn’t just provide technology. We give you an entire team of business consultants to help you be successful. By combining our unique solutions with a powerful implementation strategy, we could save you time and make you money.
Stay Compliant and Stay Connected
You don’t have to navigate the rules and regulations of texting on your own. SBT will provide industry guidance as well as best practices to help you design texting policies for your clients and customers.
Integrating Texting into your Business Process
Build: Solutions by Text will enter into a discovery process with you to create a customized plan of action that will compliment your existing or new business strategy.
Operate: While we’re building your solution, our team of client consultants will work with your team to fine-tune the texting project plan.
Transfer: Throughout the entire process, SBT will train and educate you on your new solution so that you can execute compliant, targeted and effective texting campaigns on your own.
Measured Results Means Better Value
The SBT solutions are designed to be scalable and flexible so that you can respond to your users and to changes in the industry with updated and optimized texting campaigns that deliver results.
Business at the speed of text: Learn more at Solutions by Text, emailing or by calling 800-979-1212.[:]

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