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[:en]Don’t let someone else’s data breach create fraud for your customers.
A day rarely passes when we don’t read headlines of yet another data breach putting millions of U.S. consumers at risk of identity theft and fraud. In 2016 alone, more than 2 billion consumer records were compromised by data breaches. Statistically, it is likely that every one of your customers will be put at risk of fraud by at least one data breach, making it difficult to measure and mitigate risk.
For these reasons, GDS Link partner XOR Data Exchange has developed a platform – the Compromised Identity Exchange – to help determine the likelihood that a customer’s identity has been put at risk in order to prevent account takeover and other types of fraud.
How It Works
The Compromised Identity Exchange pulls together consumer records that have been compromised by a data breach along with ongoing fraud performance and Dark Web intelligence to determine actual account takeover risk based on:

  • Information about the data breaches impacting the individual
  • Whether or not the breaches in question are actively producing fraud or have recently produced fraud
  • Whether or not the compromised data is available for sale on the Dark Web

Putting Data to Work
By bringing these insights into your account validation workflow, you can more easily determine which accounts require additional authentication measures to prevent account takeover attempts. The platform delivers a weighted score along with attributes outlining breach and fraud activity associated with the individual.

  • Score your entire portfolio regularly to mark and monitor high-risk accounts
  • Integrate into transactional and customer touchpoints for ongoing protection
  • Evaluate new accounts to determine authentication needs

How Do They Do It?
XOR Data Exchange is a new type of data and analytics company working to bring privacy and accountability back to data sharing. Exchange participants are able to retain full ownership of their data to prevent third parties from using it for unintended purposes, and control who can access their data and for what purposes. Through this innovative model, XOR is able to help companies leverage data not previously available to solve decision and risk problems such as fraud. This model has been successfully implemented in both the Compromised Identity Exchange and the Small Business Risk Exchange, which measures fraud and credit risk for businesses that have little or no data footprint.
No matter what type of account your customer holds, XOR can help you make sure it remains in its rightful owner’s hands.
For more information, or to test the platform’s impact to your customer account portfolio, contact your GDS Link sales representative or email

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