Plaid’s Jonathan Gurwitz Unveils the Future of Open Banking and Credit Risk Management 

On this episode of the Lending Link, host Rich Alterman engages in an insightful conversation with Jonathan Gurwitz, Credit Lead at Plaid, offering insights into open banking and its growing role within credit risk management. 


Meet Our Featured Expert: Jonathan Gurwitz
Jonathan Gurwitz brings a wealth of experience to the table, boasting a stellar background that includes leading partnerships for Credit Karma’s personal loans business and contributing significantly to the development of consumer credit products at Varo Bank. Currently based out of Boston, Gurwitz orchestrates Plaid’s Credit business unit, steering go-to-market strategies focused on pioneering lending solutions.  

Key Insights
The podcast unfurls with Gurwitz and Alterman engaging in a comprehensive discussion that traverses various facets of open banking and credit risk management. Gurwitz’s astute observations shed light on the significant trends within open banking and the integration of risk management strategies within this framework. 

Plaid’s Mission: Revolutionizing Financial Accessibility
At the heart of the conversation lies Plaid’s mission—to broaden financial access and harness cash flow data to democratize credit availability. Gurwitz eloquently decodes the intricacies of open banking, painting a vivid picture of how Plaid empowers individuals to achieve enhanced financial freedom. 

Innovations in Lending Practices: The Role of Data and Personalized Experiences
A significant focal point emerges as Gurwitz elaborates on Plaid’s instrumental role in revolutionizing underwriting methodologies and crafting personalized lending experiences through astute utilization of customer data. The discussion navigates through the significance of financial data analysis, identity verification, and the pivotal role of bank account linking in optimizing the loan lifecycle. 

Navigating Through Industry Transformations 

The conversation widens to encompass the impact of COVID on credit underwriting, the post-loan booking trajectory of open banking, and its broader implications in the financial services sector. Gurwitz and Alterman dissect the importance of linking financial accounts, tailoring financial profiles for diverse loan types, and evaluating vendors in the ever-evolving landscape of open banking. 

A Beacon in Financial Innovation
This episode is a beacon illuminating the symbiotic relationship between open banking, credit risk management, and the transformative potential of leveraging data within the financial services ecosystem. Gurwitz’s expertise and Alterman’s engaging hosting make this episode a must-listen for industry professionals and enthusiasts navigating the frontier of lending and financial technology. 


Tune in now for an in-depth exploration of the insightful conversation unraveling the future contours of finance, technology, and lending practices. 

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