Risk assessments a necessity to identify security holes in IT infrastructure

Risk Assessment For IT Infrastructure

Businesses today rely more on technology to handle critical tasks. For example, risk management teams use sophisticated software to support automated decisioning tasks, improving these professionals’ capability to take advantage of opportunities and navigate risky waters. At the same time, the use of such technology is itself a risk if businesses do not impose comprehensive security measures.

Hackers remain the most persistent threat to business technology security, as these individuals seek to unlock protected trade secrets and sensitive financial data. Executives can better guard their businesses against this risk by working with a technology provider that offers robust security features and collaborative software consultation.

Experts recommend businesses also conduct regular software audits to determine the location of potential security gaps. These holes can be exploited by hackers to gain access to private company information, but with the help of security professionals, businesses may be able to identify and shore up these weaknesses before disaster occurs.

In an interview with CIO.com, financial executive Richard Gardner recommended corporations build a list of secure and insecure assets, which could include intellectual property such as email lists or employee contact information. Exposure to risks such as weak network security, malware, or accidental software backdoors should also be tracked with the help of a consultant.

Once these threats have been identified, companies can begin reworking their IT framework to emphasize security. Mitigation steps may include improved employee training, stronger passwords, additional data encryption, or the acquisition of new data backup assets. These measures will bolster any company’s technology systems, but the first step in achieving a better IT framework is to analyze existing shortcomings.

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