Webinar Replay – Mitigating Losses on Bankrupt Accounts

Replay GDS Link’s latest ‘Best Practices’ Webinar to gain insights around Bankruptcy Trends and explore the value of considering the sale of your Bankruptcy Debt

At GDS Link, we understand and appreciate the value of being informed and agile amidst a climate filled with uncertainty.  One thing we know for sure:

The CoVid-19 economic recession will impact collections strategies and the value of portfolios.

With Covid-19 many organizations are forecasting an increase in delinquencies and bankruptcies as the impacts of the pandemic continue to work its way thru our day to day lives. As you look to optimize the use of your operational resources, the sale of bankruptcy debt may be something for you to consider.

In the latest installment of GDS Link’s ‘Best Practices’ Webinar Series, “Mitigating Losses on Bankrupt Accounts”, our EVP of Business Development, Rich Alterman, sat down with President and CEO of Bankrupt Debt Acquisitions, Jonathan Koop to discuss GDS Link’s strategic partnership with BK Acquisitions and their unique approach to bankruptcy management and recovery:

  • BK Acquisitions leverages a process that allows lenders to effectively liquidate bankrupt portfolios by identifying and monetizing these accounts and paying your organization premium pricing for those bankruptcies.
  • In addition, BK Acquisitions provides a portal to increase your revenues and provide residual income on your bankrupt inventory.
  • BK Acquisitions utilizes a pioneering scoring methodology employed in the evaluation of bankrupt debt liquidation potential.

You can download a copy of the slide deck presented, as well as watch the replay of the webinar below:

Webinar Replay - Mitigating Losses on Bankrupt Accounts

About our Speakers:

Jonathan Koop, President and CEO, Bankrupt Debt Acquisitions

Jonathan Koop, President and CEO, Bankrupt Debt Acquisitions
As President and CEO of Bankrupt Debt Acquisitions, Jonathan Koop facilitates the purchase and servicing of bankrupt assets from a variety of entities, including government agencies, debt traders, fintechs, and financial institutions. With extensive qualifications in his field, Jonathan has completed training as an RMAI Certified Individual, boasts in-depth knowledge of the process of bankruptcy scrubbing and active management of relevant data, and is committed to paying competitive prices in helping clients ensure that risky bankruptcies are removed from active portfolios.

Rich Alterman, EVP of Business Development, GDS Link

Rich Alterman, EVP of Business Development, GDS Link
Rich is EVP of Business Development at GDS Link, boasting over 36 years’ experience within credit risk management in consumer lending, including serving as Sr. Vice President of Product Management for the first credit reporting agency focused on the short-term lending industry. Rich also has served as the Director of RSA banking and CRM solutions for Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC), where he oversaw the account management for three of the largest banks in the Republic of South Africa. Rich’s background includes risk management experience at American Express Centurion Bank, First National Bank of Boston and Citicorp Retail Services Inc.

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