Credit Decision Engine Software for Risk Management

Rapidly Test & Deploy New Risk Strategies With DataView360®

Today’s risk management personnel are challenged to remain abreast of the dynamics and changes taking place in their respective industries, continually needing to design, develop and deploy new risk management strategies to meet growth objectives while mitigating risk and remaining compliant. However, many professionals are hindered by the limitations of their legacy applications and the dependent resources and specialized professionals who support them.

Competing priorities and schedules can extend project timelines, making it more difficult to deploy new strategies, which reduces the nimbleness of an organization to react. Fortunately, the Business Rule Management System (BRMS) within DataView360®’s Credit Decisioning Engine Software remedies this issue by eliminating the reliance on IT professionals, allowing new risk strategies to be rapidly tested and deployed by the minds that developed them.


Deployed in several countries in myriad industries, the flexible GDS Link business rules engine currently processes hundreds of thousands of decisions daily. By leveraging GDS Link’s Credit Decision Engine Solutions, our customers’ organization can easily implement:


  • Risk-Based Pricing
  • Custom Models, including Loan Origination, Behavioural, Collection/Propensity to Pay, Recovery and more
  • Segmentation Strategies
  • Multi-Dimensional Tables, including Product, Loan Amount, Credit Limits and more
  • Champion/Challenger Strategies
  • Pricing Strategies and more


The system (Risk Decision Engine) will allow us to be far more reactive and timely in the deployment of new risk strategies. We expect to see a significant reduction in the time it takes us to implement new strategies compared to our current legacy system.

Executive Vice President
Global Financial Institution

Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) Powered

Today’s challenge in model implementation comes from multiple fronts: organizations tend to update their models frequently, some resort to modern Machine Learning techniques and there are those who do both. This presents the challenge of creating fast, error-free implementations that can hardly be solved with traditional manual model input. Without compromising our user-friendly model editor, we developed and implemented a PMML Consumer plugin that allows direct import from modeling platforms that support the PMML Output Standard. Now, one can build a direct bridge between their modeling environments and the credit decisioning environment with minimal effort and in a manner that is operationally error free.

By leveraging GDS Link, you gain access to the best and most flexible technology in the market today. Our decisioning tree solutions are suited to accommodate most any application and budget and can help you take control of your credit risk operations, allowing you to focus on improving complicated and achieving organizational goals. To learn more about DataView360® please, contact us today!