Mobile banking continues to grow in popularity

This blog has previously discussed the impact that evolving mobile technology can have on the banking industry. Financial institutions must remain aware of such changes, and work toward offering their customers as many applicable products and services as possible.

With more options for online access, banks would also be well-advised to invest in comprehensive fraud prevention software. That way, as consumers increase the ways in which they connect to their online accounts, financial institutions can ensure that all data – theirs and that of their clients – remains secure.

AmericanBanker recently cited data from the latest Mobile Banking Intensity Index, which found that there are still increases across the board in mobile banking. A total of 336 bankers were interviewed for the report, and they all agreed that mobile check deposit continues to be a top priority for customers.

“The overall value of the index, 72.5, was roughly in line with the intense growth of last month’s reading of 73.8,” the news source explained.

The index is rated on a diffusion index, which means that the further away from 50 that a rating is, the stronger an indicated change was.

The report also showed that 77 percent of respondents said the volume of activity of retail customers using mobile deposit was higher in June than in May.

As banks try to integrate new systems so they can accurately meet customer demands, running a software risk assessment will ensure that a security breach will not happen. Even though technology continues to evolve quickly, the safety measures must keep pace so consumers remain satisfied and banks remain stable.

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