GDS Link Announces Out-of-the-Box, End-to-End Marketing and Digital Lending Solution for Banks and Credit Societies

Digital Lending Solution

Modellica Engage helps banks gain marketshare to remain competitive

DALLAS — Long time global leader in credit risk management, GDS Link, has announced Modellica Engage, a new solution to help banks thrive in the online digital lending world.

In just the past five years, share of loans sourced by marketplace lenders has surged from five to 38 percent, and banks and credit societies are struggling to hold onto slipping market share, according to a 2018 Morningstar report. More than ever before, marketplace lenders are capturing prime and ultra-prime borrowers online. Especially during this time when consumers are opting for operating from home over face-to-face business interactions, it is crucial for banks and credit societies to find the right partner to flourish in the current lending landscape.

GDS Link’s Modellica Engage is an end-to-end loan origination and customer engagement solution. Modellica Engage provides a powerful pre-screen engine that enables banks to provide a meaningful offer to their customers through direct marketing and wherever the consumer may be shopping for loan options (such as Credible and CreditKarma). After choosing an offer, Modellica Engage provides the borrower a seamless, end-to-end origination experience through docs and e-sign. The Engage solution is unique in that it seamlessly incorporates high performance models, third-party data integrations, manual underwriting workflow and eDocs.

“We are excited to add this solution to the GDS Link portfolio. This is about helping banks and credit societies establish a strong presence where borrowers are actually going—online,” said Paul Greenwood, CEO of GDS Link. “Modellica Engage helps level the playing field for banks, enabling them to engage with new prime borrowers in new places, make competitive offers and provide the right digital experiences. All of this can be accomplished in a short timeframe without overhauling banks’ existing systems.”

About GDS Link:

GDS Link is a global leader in credit risk management, providing tailored software solutions and analytical and consulting services. Our customer-centric risk management and process-automation platforms are designed for the modern lender in their pursuit to capitalise on the entire credit lifecycle. By providing a personal, consultative approach and leveraging our own industry-leading knowledge and expertise, GDS Link’s solutions and services deliver exceptional value and proven results to thousands of clients around the world.

Find out more about how GDS Link Modellica Engage lets traditional banks and credit societies survive and even thrive in a world of online lending—without having to build it all from scratch. Learn more by downloading our white paper at and follow customer stories and announcements on LinkedIn.

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