Making the Consumer Lending Market Work for Everyone [Whitepaper]

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20 years ago, when digital financial services were becoming mainstream, many consumers were concerned about the idea of making financial decisions and choosing products digitally. It is a reflection of how technology has advanced, and how banks and lenders have done a great job of simplifying and presenting products, that many consumers are now completely comfortable switching bank account, credit card or mortgage rate on their mobile. We now see a cohort of consumers who have grown up in a digital world.

But while more financially sophisticated digital consumers now easily access great value across a range of financial products, many consumers may be excluded and left behind in this digital divide.

In our latest Whitepaper “Making the Consumer Lending Market Work for Everyone”, we explore the current state of consumer lending, the digital divide that has deepened in the wake of the global pandemic, the regulatory ripple effects, and winning approaches organisations can utilize to ensure their digital transformation efforts properly serve all borrowers.

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