Case Study: Trucking Finance Specialist Cuts Costs Without Sacrificing Functionality With GDS Link

GDS Link Unlocks Powerful, Cost-Efficient Analytics for Specialty Financing Provider

Recently, GDS Link had the opportunity to partner with a longstanding industry leader, who were faced with the dilemma of their existing, legacy system no longer providing the analytical insights they needed to stay competitive. GDS Link was able to step in and provide powerful analytics in a cost-efficient package.

The Client

Our client is one of the largest commercial truck and trailer financing businesses in North America, processing approximately 85,000 applications in 2018 alone. They have been working in the sector for over 40 years, providing a variety of funding services, from offering financing for inventory to helping businesses keep up with their fleet costs. The financing firm also provides treasury and payment solutions to give clients support in cash flow management. With such a tight focus on this specific customer base, they bring a unique perspective and expertise to their customers.

The Challenge

The Client had an entrenched platform they were making work, but it had become so expensive to license and maintain that ongoing use became unrealistic. The time to update decisioning technology was at hand, but their existing solution provider priced itself out of consideration.

“We wanted to duplicate the existing systems capabilities at a lower cost and be able to add new functionality as needed,” said our client’s leader for model implementation, modeling data support, and automated decision risk.

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To learn how GDS addressed this challenge, and the results it produced for this client, download the Case Study below:

GDS Link Case Study – Trucking Finance

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