Webinar Replay – Bank Transaction Analytics: Navigating Through Uncertain Times

Lenders need recency & enhanced information for evaluating a multitude of decisions

On April 16th, 2020, through our partnership with the Marketplace Lenders Association (MLA), GDS Link hosted a webinar for MLA members to discuss the role Bank Transaction Data can play in enhancing the evaluation decisions lenders are facing due to the current economic downturn. Bank account information transformed into insightful attributes, leveraged in fraud, default, account management model(s), credit policies and dashboard ready in a way that provides a competitive advantage for any consumer or commercial lender, especially during uncertain times.

The speaker for today’s webinar is Carl Spilker, VP of Analytics for GDS Link. Carl is an accomplished global experienced executive who has held senior leadership roles for companies such as Ezcorp Inc., Provident Financial Group, Dollar Financial Group, Lloyds TSB, GE Private Label Credit Cards and Experian Scorex. He has a proven executive management track record and over 20+ years’ experience delivering consumer lending products offline and online, utilising complex analytical instruments, and experience in small business portfolio management. Carl has purposely transitioned across prime, subprime and deep subprime lending for the challenge to deliver best in class risk, analytics, and profitability across multi-channel products and services.

You can watch the replay of the webinar below:

Utilize a data marketplace for enhanced consumer lending strategies and credit risk monitoring solutions.

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