Webinar Replay – Latest Trends in Credit Risk and Capital Structure, and Their Effects on Liquidity

Replay highlights from our conversation with former President of Marlette Funding, Josh Tonderys

At GDS Link, we understand and appreciate the value of being properly well-informed during a volatile global economy. As part of our continuing ‘Best Practices’ Webinar Series, GDS Link VP of Analytics, Carl Spilker, sat down with former President of Marlette Funding and COO at Prosper Marketplace, Josh Tonderys, to discuss a multitude of topics surrounding the new landscape lenders and borrowers are facing, including:

• What lenders are doing in today’s market and what’s working
• Where liquidity went and how to get it back
• What data you might need to consider now before it’s too late
• Are traditionally less qualified borrowers potentially more qualified than others right now
• What prior down markets have taught us and some key areas to focus

Watch the replay of the webinar below:

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About Our Panelists

Josh Tonderys, Co-President, Colchis Capital Management
Josh is Co-President at Colchis Capital Management and responsible for leading firm wide operating capabilities and strategic investment opportunities. Josh has twenty years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur building technology enabled lending business. Prior to joining Colchis, Josh served as President of Marlette Funding, Chief Operating Officer at Prosper Marketplace and a variety of executive positions at Barclaycard US.

Carl Spilker, Vice President of Analytics, GDS Link
Carl is VP of Analytics at GDS Link, boasting over 20 years’ experience delivering consumer lending products, utilising complex analytical instruments, and small business portfolio management. Prior to joining GDS Link, Carl held senior leadership roles at Ezcorp Inc., Provident Financial Group, Dollar Financial Group, Lloyds TSB, GE Private Label Credit Cards and Experian Scorex.


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