Leveraging Advanced Analytics and Modeling Service to Optimize Decisioning and Manage Credit Risk [Whitepaper]

Download GDS Link’s latest whitepaper to learn how advanced analytics is helping financial organisations prepare their processes for the future.

In 2020, a global study found that only 20% of executives – from a range of industries – believed artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) directly attributed to 5% or more of their organisation’s net earnings. Now more than ever, lenders must have the capacity to rapidly adapt to new situations. PricewaterhouseCoopers recently highlighted the need for lenders to mobilise their teams to quickly collect and act on information that will allow them to
remain competitive.

But when financial experts are not evaluating data and analytics on an ongoing basis, their ability to be agile and make better, faster commitments in the face of change diminishes. Continuous analysis of both traditional and novel data is the key to enhancing lending decision-making, and in turn, profitability. However, implementing the tools necessary for this level of scrutiny and automation can be difficult and costly for an institution to do on its own. That’s where GDS Link comes in.

In our latest whitepaper “Leveraging Advanced Analytics,” we explores how advanced analytics is helping financial organisations prepare their processes for the future and details how GDS Link’s ModellicaPro offering helped five clients avert over $7 million in dollar losses and 40% fewer unit losses.

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