Milestones That Wouldn’t Exist Without Credit Activity

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Throughout history, credit activity has been the thread that has connected human aspirations with monumental achievements. Since humans left their documented mark on history, credit has been the catalyst that has allowed bold ideas to become tangible realities. The journey from Prehistory to contemporary societies reveals how credit has been intertwined with human progress, enabling astonishing feats that have left an indelible mark on the course of humanity.

We can trace it back a staggering 4,000 years ago, in the heart of ancient Mesopotamia. There, credit already played a central role, encouraged by the emergence of the first city-states, where the exchange of goods and services required an extra level of trust. Thanks to the lending system, farmers could invest in their crops and repay the products once harvested.

If we fast forward to the 7th century BC, we encounter the crucial role of financing in the construction of the Great Wall of China. As its foundations were laid, the concerted efforts of the community and the support of nobles and merchants were the elements that illuminated what is now a lasting testament to how credit can unite people around a shared goal.

There are countless milestones throughout the Industrial Revolution, which from the late 18th century encouraged the emergence of factories everywhere, as well as the need for capital to transform industry. One of those milestones is also a counterbalance to the “dark legend” of capitalism of that time: the funding of the New Lanark factory in Scotland, as it became a beacon of hope where investments improved working conditions and the lives of workers.

A Small and Unique Tribute

This infographic accompanying these lines is precisely about milestones, a small and unique tribute on our part to those who throughout history decided to risk their small or large capital in undeniable efforts, without which crucial infrastructures for our understanding of the world today would not exist. Risky and courageous contributions that led to realities benefiting society as a whole. These are just four examples, but they are significant examples: the Liverpool-Manchester railway, the Suez Canal, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the transatlantic telegraph cable of the English Channel.

Thus, we arrive at our present day, where technology has woven an even more intricate tapestry into credit activity. High-speed data analysis allows for more precise origination, while advanced security systems help detect fraud. Recovery processes, now streamlined by digital platforms, ensure the continuity of financial flow.

History reveals that credit, that cornerstone in the construction of contemporary societies, requires a comprehensive approach. Like the vital threads that supported those monumental projects, the pursuit of fraud, the recovery activity, and the origination processes are the foundations that allow the continuous construction of our collective aspirations. In every loan, in every investment, in every advancement, technology becomes the needle that weaves the tapestry of history, stitching together dreams and realities, and creating a society that never stops evolving.
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