Case Study

Because they were facing difficulties, complex cases, challenges and other obstacles to the good development of the business, our customers have used the GDS Modellica services and solutions to solve their problems and work in a better environment.

CESCE implements the Modellica Originations Engine

CESCE has decided to update the technology it uses in its decision-making processes with an analytical tool to assess customer risk proposals, in real time and in batches. This new system needs to be able to automate and manage the intake process for risk proposals and policies according to the channel used.

Consumer Finance entity Implements GDS Modellica Decision Suite

The Consumer Finance entity aims to grow its revenue and stay competitive despite the new regulation of the banking industry and the changing economic conditions.

Global Bank implements GDS Modellica for IFRS9

The client needs to calculate an expected loss provision for all operations in the shortest time possible, with a sufficiently flexible solution for its implementation throughout the Bank.

Admission Project for Company in the energy sector Operations in Spain and Portugal

To improve the results of the company’s operations in Spain and Portugal, it is necessary to increase the portfolio of customers that integrate credit risk management in their commercial actions, as well as to optimise the current model of information exploitation, by reconciling the admission and monitoring processes.

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