Today´s companies are looking for customer engagement marketing – an integrated process that combines the traditional elements of direct marketing and customer contact centers, including data analytics, campaign management e-commerce and fulfillment, to deliver relevant, personalized and timely customer interactions across all channels.

Understand Better, Act Better

Today, companies perform complex calculations on a single customer to come up with the next best product for him/her based on profitability for the bank and on the use of this product for the customer. Moving beyond segmentation to true one-to-one personalization in a real-time context. To understand what your buyers want, first look at their behaviors, not just their demographics. How are they interacting with your brand? What topics or products are they engaging with? You can even take this primary behavioral data to the next level by tying third party data into it, creating a more in-depth persona of each buyer group.
How risky is the customer if he takes up the proposed product?
What is the propensity of the customer to take up this product?
How profitable is the customer expected to be if he takes up the new proposed product?
What is the utility of the value propositions of the new product to the customer?

Hit the Right Objective

By managing the customer experience to understand the issues that drive different buyer behavior, you can deliver specific messages, images and call-to-actions that yield the highest returns. The GDS Modellica Marketing Solution simplifies and accelerates the process of using complex, diverse data sources and operational insights to execute powerful, one-on-one marketing campaigns. You put the power of data-driven decisioning in the hands of your company.

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