The DataView360 was developed to ease the integration with external and internal data sources, such as credit bureaus, fraud and ID verification providers. The software product is configurable to allow our customers to pick up and choose the data they require, within their processes, for instant decisioning. DataView360 is a web-services application that is easily integrated within existing infrastructure or external environments. The DataView360 Data Engine has emerged as an essential tool for effective and dynamic risk management practices.

More Data Available for your Business

Used to access, interrogate and integrate data with any host or proprietary systems, the Data Engine is equally ideal for users who need to enhance their legacy systems as well as those looking for a modular full-scale solution. The Data Engine is pre-configured to access over 80 worldwide data sources including all U.S., Canada and U.K. credit bureaus, as well as a comprehensive list of alternative sources for both business and consumer data needs.


Connects to application front-ends, marketing websites, loan management platforms, internal customer databases, and third-party data agencies.

Data Aggregation + Connectivity

Standardize data, generate credit bureau attributes, and perform calculations.


Implement objects (instructions) in logical sequences and flows.

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