Cloud Analytics

ModellicaPro provides client high end modelling service using Machine Learning approaches and access to new data sources through an API driven, low cost, monthly model monitoring service.


GDS Modellica provides an Analytics as a Service approach through different services designed to allow our clients to take advantage from the most advanced analytics techniques by using our proven expertise, and international leadership to create a “total solution” approach to optimizing risk exposure, market opportunities, competitive differentiation, profitability, and leading technology implementation.


Onsite Consulting & Advisory

Establish performance baselines and guardrails, optimal data sources

Client Performance Analysis

Feature engineering, data source analysis, detailed reporting, client risk committee engagement



Expert Model Build

Validation, calibration & testing, including rapid implementation plan, optimal decision flow, training & full documentation.

Model Implementation

Execute implementation plan & integrate to Modellica Originations solution for scoring



Monitoring & Tuning

Monthly expert business review & emailed reporting with guardrail alerts, ongoing evaluation of performance data, ongoing suggestions for additional variables & data sources to consider, annual certification of validation and ongoing support to reimplement re-tuned models


Provision client access to all analytics reporting and analysis tools for independent validation & use. Re-develop your models with your latest performance data, or simply experiment


ModellicaPro Value Proposition for your company

De facto warranty on the performance of the models
Real time or near time model monitoring & client self-service capabilities
Cloud integration
Model IP owned by the client, no black box & unexplainable measures

Bank Transactions Analytics
for greater predictiveness and accuracy

GDS Modellica has heard from numerous lenders that Open Banking is bringing bank transaction history that provides powerful insights into cash flows for lending purposes. However, the information is difficult to instantly extract, transform, and aggregate into rules, flags and attributes for models and credit risk strategies.

GDS Modellica already offers a powerful decision engine and analytics platform for credit and lending decisioning and is bringing those same capabilities to the bank transaction decisioning arena trough BT Analytics.

BT Analytics is the Bank account information delivered, transformed to insightful attributes, model, policy and dashboard ready in a way that provides a competitive advantage for any consumer or commercial lender.


Over 750 Rules and Flags (Affordability, Has payroll, Due Date Alignment, …..)


Over 5,000 Attributes (Velocity calculations around transaction amounts, Trended cash withdrawal amounts, Payroll/deposit cash flow history trends, ….)


Custom and generic scores (2nd and 3rd Party Fraud Models, First Payment Default Model, Straight Roller Model, Default on bill / payment preference models, Collections & Prioritization, ….)

Relevant advantages for our clients when using Bank Transactions Analytics:

Increase in predictiveness when utilized in fraud and default models & expert rules*
Greater accuracy compared to traditional transaction categorization
Dramatically reduce fraud, enhance bank verification, due date alignment and improved approval rates and limit assignments
Local markets agnostic
(*) Absolute 10-15% lift in AUC (Area under the curve) utilizing only bank aggregation data vs internal model built with credit bureau data

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