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Whether lending to consumers or businesses, your organization has a need to grow and acquire new clients. Sustainable growth requires you to process credit applications intelligently, consistently and cost effectively. Leveraging the power and flexibility of DataView360 coupled with our firm’s extensive experience and knowledge of risk mitigation, GDS MODELLICA can provide a flexible full-scale Case Management solution.

Discover GDS Modellica Data Engine

Used to access, interrogate and integrate data with any host or proprietary systems, the Data Engine is equally ideal for users who need to enhance their legacy systems as well as those looking for a modular full-scale solution. The Data Engine is pre-configured to access over 80 worldwide data sources including all U.S., Canada and U.K. credit bureaus, as well as a comprehensive list of alternative sources for both business and consumer data needs.

DataView360’s Case Management interface supports originations, account review, fraud mitigation and collections. The Case Management interface addresses business process automation through queue management, workflow, prioritization, exception handling and cross-sell. This makes it ideal for any business looking or a fast, reliable and cost effective customer acquisition or underwriter solution.

The Case Management application processing solution delivers sophisticated functionality, including:

Data Capture
Manual Review Queues
Summary Screens
Detailed Views of Credit Files
Exception Handling Tasks
Administrative Functions

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