Debt Management

There is increasing pressure on organizations to reclaim unpaid debt to address increasing default rates in tightening markets and at the same time every contact with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Modellica Collection Suite unlocks the power of data and analytics to help companies to increase revenue by automating and streamlining the collection process.

Communication Technology

Customers are sensitive to how, when and why they are contacted. Call Centres are an effective method of communication but also the most expensive. As a result, entities are trying to figure out how to make effective use of alternative methods of communication. Automated communication solutions reach consumers via, mobile and digital channels, and define viable offers for resolution.

Better collection process

Companies are empowered with accurate segmentation of delinquent accounts and visibility into customer data to strategically guide interactions with the objective of increasing recoveries, target collections actions, automate decisions and increase customer retention delivering higher quality interactions.

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