Fraud Prevention

Regulations, compliance and overall risk management place a significant operational burden on financial services. Account origination fraud – that is, opening a credit or bank account with fraudulent or falsified information – is an increasing problem these days. Banks lose billions each year to thieves who use stolen personal information to create new accounts and commit an act of deception.

Precise Decisions based on Behaviour

The GDS Modellica Behavior Engine (MBE) evaluates a borrower credit relationship based on past behavior and predictive information from that SME or individual’s interactions across the enterprise, rather than relying on single-relationship data alone to drive decisions. Periodically the system identifies the total credit line to be extended to an account or borrower, and allows apportionment of limits and lines to each product relationship.

Safety First

By integrating different silos of identity ecosystems and resolving multiple online and offline identifiers to individuals, Modellica Fraud Engine is a solution built on current best practices, that can provide a single view of the identity for customer acquisition, fraud, compliance and risk to enable organizations to build trust and safety in their digital transformation journey.

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