A whole year to face ransomware

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At GDS Modellica, one of our most important goals – if not the most important goal – is to provide solutions that keep specialist cybercriminals at bay. Whether it is anti-fraud mechanisms or assistance with legal compliance, we are fully aware of two important realities: first, that the digital revolution is irreversible in all sectors and has brought some radical transformations in areas like the financial sector; and secondly, that none of these new situations is immune from technological risks. And that is why we are so dedicated to cybersecurity.

With this in mind, we wanted to point our readers towards the 2023 edition of the Global Digital Trust report by PwC, which this year is titled A C-suite United on Cyber-ready Futures. Aside from the obvious suggestion that “cyber” teams need to permeate all layers of every organisation, it is one of the most complete end-of-year reports (or start-of-year, if you prefer) available.

From the insights in this report, we want to focus on a specific area and summarise it in our usual infographic format: the perceived main threats for this year and, in particular, the threat of ransomware.

Almost half of the executives surveyed for this report believe that expected the impact of ransomware to increase even more than it has been until now (with 50% annual increases since 2019). When we look at cybersecurity, ransomware leads the way in all the rankings, and cybercriminals continue to use it mercilessly. No time dedicated to this threat will be too much and all expertise will be welcome.
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