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GDS Modellica has signed a strategic agreement with the innovative fintech, a firm specialising in Artificial Intelligence that helps companies to improve their Customer Experience.
This agreement aims to further the implementation of AI solutions and provide financial institutions with an effective end-to-end customer onboarding solution.
With customer behaviour constantly changing, financial institutions are having to work hard to keep up. In an effort to stay ahead of the game, many businesses are committed to being ever-present on messaging channels, exceeding customer expectations and offering proactive, personalised services based on a close relationship with the customer. As a result, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a key tool in addressing the vast majority of these challenges. With the perfect combination of technology and expertise, financial institutions are using AI to better analyse, manage and maintain data and, therefore, offer an improved customer experience over their digital channels.

To respond to these new market demands, a new pairing has emerged between GDS Modellica and the platform from Affinsys AI. With this partnership agreement, the two firms seek to help financial institutions use AI in the management, analysis and modelling of data in order to improve the experience for customers, partners and employees through hyper-personalisation and process automation.

Affinsys specialises in automated, customer experience analysis solutions for financial institutions. They are an international company with a significant presence in EMEA & Asia Pacific, with customers in Ghana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Senegal, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their AI platform, BankBuddy, is designed to automate, analyse and assist interactions between companies and their customers to increase revenue through digital sales, digital onboarding, digital CX and digital engagement. – GDS Modellica’s Latest Partner
In signing this agreement, Affinsys says, “this partnership will enable us to integrate our suite of Customer experience with GDS Credit Decision products, therefore providing an end-to-end customer onboarding solution for financial institutions”.

This strategic partnership will help further drive the use of AI solutions by financial institutions to automate, analysis and assist their interactions with customers. As a result, institutions will be able to strengthen their competitive advantage and ability to respond to customer demands. Such a relationship will help reinforce connections and strengthen relationships whilst at the same time creating new business opportunities and markets, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience. Ultimately, using innovation and technology to efficiently manage processes whilst focusing on the customer experience is guaranteed to bring greater customer loyalty and, therefore, improved performance and profitability.


BankBuddy powers Financial institutions with innovative pre-built customer journeys enabling Digital sales, Digital Onboarding, Digital Customer experience and Digital Engagement.

  BankBuddy is the first BFSI focussed composite AI platform with embedded NLP, Computer vision, Speech and Recommendation system powering millions of frictionless engagements for financial institutions across 17 countries.
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