Capital on Tap chooses Modellica Originations from GDS Modellica for their credit card application processes

Capital on Tap has invested in Modellica Originations, high-power decision engine software from GDS Modellica, to create a pioneering credit analysis system for SMEs and self-employed workers in the UK, Spain and the USA
Capital on Tap, a fintech dedicated to providing working capital financing to SMEs and self-employed workers, has chosen Modellica Originations, a high-power decision engine from GDS Modellica, to manage credit risk using the very best credit assessment technology.
The addition of Modellica Originations to its decision technology portfolio confirms Capital on Tap’s continuous investment strategy to develop its digital potential and satisfy customer expectations in the SME market. In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to provide a satisfactory, agile and flexible service, and to reach such levels of excellence, the best tools are innovation and continuous improvement.
Assessing a request for finance is not a trivial matter, since it could mean the difference between a business being able to grow or not. Lenders around the world use their experience and software, such as Modellica Originations, to evaluate customer data, credit information and their own dashboards in order to make credit decisions. For a lender, the use of GDS Modellica software, which is capable of efficiently and reliably integrating multiple datasets, represents a great opportunity. Having access to internal and external data sources (including credit reference agencies) makes it possible to assess risk quickly and precisely and make better decisions. In turn, applicants for credit can be sure that decisions are fair and based on their own individual circumstances.
According to Rubén Vidal, Managing Director of Capital on Tap in Spain, “in choosing GDS Modellica software, the key factor was being able to have the best credit evaluation technology on the market in order to provide our customers with an excellent experience when they apply for our products. We want to support entrepreneurs and self-employed workers, for whom finance is another important tool for managing their businesses. As a result, managing credit shouldn’t take too much of their time. It’s essential to provide a fast response without the need for tedious bureaucracy”.
Meanwhile, Antonio García Rouco, Managing Director of GDS Modellica EMEA & LAC, added that “It is very positive to be working with Capital on Tap on a new shared project that will increase our visibility and our work. Our respective teams have forged an excellent working relationship, an association that will contribute great added value to both organisations”.
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