CESCE opts for the Modellica Decision Suite

A flexible solution from GDS Modellica which makes it possible to adapt to different scenarios and processes to increase recoveries, direct collection actions, automate decisions and increase customer retention.
The Modellica Suite Originations Module provides business users with an optimised, easy-to-use environment with guaranteed reliability and agility.
As well as managing export credit insurance for the Spanish government, the Spanish Export Credit Agency (CESCE, in Spanish initials) leads a group of businesses offering comprehensive trade credit management solutions in parts of Europe and Latin America, and as part of its commitment to renew and modernise its innovative solutions, the company has chosen to incorporate the Modellica Suite Originations Module.
The Modellica Suite Originations Module from GDS Modellica is an agile, flexible solution with analytical functions for assessing customer proposals in batches and in real-time. This new system is capable of automating and managing the admission process for risk and policy proposals, according to the channel used. In the words of Pedro Regata, technical manager at CESCE’s Risk Unit, “the solution’s flexibility and reliability are what guarantee success. GDS Modellica’s ability to easily apply changes to our risk admission and tracking strategies, along with the simulation and quality control mechanisms, has been fundamental in allowing us to smoothly adapt to an extremely challenging situation in record time”.
Loan origination and management is a key process and companies like CESCE need to have the right strategies and analysis to be sure that they’re moving in the right direction. GDS Modellica offers a way of reinventing the intake process with market-leading technology and analytical solutions. Their solutions use data analysis to improve decision-making and execution, automate processes and increase customer lifetime value. The Modellica Originations Engine (MOE) makes it possible for users to adapt to different scenarios and processes, as well as implement different intake policies and rules and track credit risk, all with complete flexibility and ease of use.
Ultimately, this is an agile, flexible and effective tool which, according to GDS Modellica managing director, Antonio García Rouco, has enabled CESCE to process more than 20,000 inquires every day relating to the management of exposure, both as direct lenders and as a state agency. Furthermore, time to market has been optimised by adapting decision-making rules to the new circumstances caused by the pandemic. This is a single flexible solution for managing both existing exposure and the concession of new insurance policies, thus allowing organisations like CESCE to create, manage and improve strategies in a faster, more convenient and customised way whilst maintaining compliance within a very strict regulatory environment.
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