GDS Modellica: a safe bet when dealing with risk

A good credit risk management system requires three key things: the best possible data (Big Data), predictive analysis and decision management
GDS Modellica’s solutions are customised and flexible with the aim of developing and streamlining strategies
Analysing and processing data has become indispensable for businesses when making decisions and establishing the best strategies. New technologies enable companies to interact with and process data in real time and keep up with the dizzying pace of change. In fact, automation makes it possible for lots of separate data and data obtained via different channels to become useful information for designing strategies. Through analysis and the application of new technologies and solutions, such as those offered by companies like GDS Modellica, it’s possible to simplify risk management whilst ensuring a solid return on investment. The risks, they explain to us from their offices, relate to the uncertainty brought about by changes in the face of economic and market instability. Businesses could anticipate risks and manage their decisions beforehand to outline their business strategies.
GDS Modellica provides software, decision analytics and automated learning techniques for managing risk, combatting fraud and creating profitable relationships between businesses and their clients. Regarding the management of specific risks in the finance industry, their solutions help to steer development and implement actions, applying solutions that are adapted to individual needs. Company director Antonio García Rouco explains, “At GDS Modellica, we offer an improved experience for clients through our careful attention to their needs coupled with our broad customer experience as industry leaders. Our tools can be personalised to offer complete solutions and completely optimise their current applications with the necessary components.”
GDS Modellica‘s solutions make use of cloud computing to maximise flexibility, accelerate implementation and reduce costs. This includes predictive analysis, Big Data and decision management. To ensure good risk management and minimise risks, it’s essential to search for and have all the possible information about the risks that a business will face in order to extract useful information from predictive analysis. The information obtained makes use of the advantages of Big Data, which is key for discovering hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information. Their clients are found in more than 36 countries and include large banks, insurance companies, retailers and credit card issuers, amongst others.
In an economy as dynamic and complex as today’s, it’s important for lenders to use as much available data as possible in order to better understand client behaviour and demographic changes. There is now more information available than ever before about clients, but using it to make correct decisions requires having the latest technology and the best data sources and knowing how to use them. GDS Modellica‘s solutions are customised and flexible with the aim of developing and streamlining new strategies, such as eliminating the obstacles shared by inherited systems. Their services are excellent for any organisation that is looking to optimise and automate their credit risk management policies and strategies.
GDS Modellica understands the importance of improving risk management practices and getting a solid return on investment when implementing analysis and decision technology. Through its consolidated experience and international presence, it has developed new techniques with an analytical focus in order to help avoid risks and make the best decisions possible.
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