GDS Modellica and Unnax sign a strategic collaboration agreement to provide new Open Banking services

GDS Modellica and Unnax sign a partnership agreement to join forces in the development of new disruptive solutions within the Open Banking space in the Iberian Peninsula.
Through this collaboration, Unnax, a pioneer in the provision of “Open Banking” services in Spain, and GDS Modellica, a leading provider of data analysis and intelligence systems on a global scale, will come together to offer new data analysis solutions, client intelligence, and risk assessment at a time when the banking world is undergoing a major transformation due to the effects of the PSD2 directive.
Julian Díaz, co-founder and co-CEO of Unnax said “We’re delighted to have reached this collaboration agreement with GDS Modellica, as it will allow us to offer a qualitative improvement in the services we provide to our clients at the level of data intelligence”.
“For GDS Modellica, being able to work together with Unnax opens up the opportunity to combine the wealth of information collected and processed with Unnax technology, with the power of analytics and decision-making technology that we put at the service of our customers every day ” says Antonio Garcia Rouco, Managing Director for Europe and Latin America of GDS Modellica.

About Open Banking

Open Banking is a new current within consumer banking based on transparency and increased access to banking data. Until now, the client’s financial data belonged exclusively to their bank. Open Banking proposes opening access to that data so select third parties can leverage it to deliver new and innovative products and services. The objective of Open Banking is to empower the consumer so they can be the true owner of their data.

About GDS Modellica

GDS Modellica is a global software company specializing in risk decision management. For more than 15 years we have helped hundreds of financial institutions and various organizations worldwide achieve greater growth while successfully managing their risk.
The company provides decisional software and the necessary analytical technology to help clients manage risk processes, combat fraud, and generate profitable relationships with its customers. GDS Modellica has a presence in more than 36 countries, and its clients include banks, insurers, retailers, and credit card issuers.

About Unnax

Unnax, founded in 2016 by Jordi Pérez y Julián Díaz-Santos, is a provider of financial technology. Unnax operates in the online payments space and offers modern banking technologies and account aggregation and payment initiation services. Unnax provides service in multiple European markets and is currently expanding internationally, both driven by and driving the growth of the Open Banking movement.
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