GDS Modellica attending IFAW 2018 in Rome

Fraud is a major disturbing factor of the lending and financial industries.
Facing uncertainties and fraud risks, companies nowadays put the light on the security awareness. It is crucial today to correctly understand and avoid risk situations for all the companies strongly threatened with the loss of their value and their good image.
The difficulty arising of verifying the accuracy of the user’s data and identification of possible scammers, fosters the prevailing need to have effective tools for fraud´s early detection.
Companies dedicated to risk management have something to say about fraud, as they come along with innovative and adaptive solutions that empower the market to be safer, more competitive and more profitable.
The competitive and modular solutions that GDS Modellica offers go a step further and make possible to implement fraud detection tools, establishing specific approaches adapted to the situation of the company requestor.
International Fraud Awareness Week will take place in Rome from November 11th to 17th: it is an open space meeting about innovation and development of anti-fraud systems. A forum where the different referents of diverse sectors will provide advices and measures to companies and governments from all around the world.
We proudly announce that GDS Modellica will be part of the IFAW lectures on November 15th. Two of our Experts of the field – Ms. Estela Álvarez (Senior Data Scientist) and Mr. Roberto Giannantoni (Senior Sales Director) – will give a presentation focused on innovative aspects about fraud:
It will be an enriching session where the most new aspects of the aforementioned technologies and their practical applications will be talked to help detecting scamming and fraudulent behaviours.
It is an honour for GDS Modellica to take part in the fair, as well as to share such innovative technologies and knowledge.
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