GDS MODELLICA attends the 14th National Credit Congress

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GDS Modellica

On the 16th and 17th of November, Madrid hosted the 14th National Credit Congress, organised by CMS Group and attended by more than 1,000 people to discuss the latest challenges and innovations in the industry.

The current uncertainty in the financial ecosystem has forced the sector to consider more restrictive lending conditions as a way of addressing increased risk.
On the 16th and 17th of November, GDS Modellica attended the 15th National Credit Congress, a key event in the Spanish credit industry where experts discussed the latest challenges and innovations in the industry. This congress,  #CMS14Credito, organised by CMS Group, was held at the Teatro Goya in Madrid and brought together more than 1,000 attendees from numerous different sectors, including Banking, Consumer Finance, Telecoms, Energy and Utilities, Fintech, Credit Bureaus, Consulting, Collection Services and Renting and Leasing. With a similar NPS (“Net Promoter Score”) to companies like Apple, GDS Modellica’s solutions have been greatly received in the credit sector and have the potential to enable long-lasting profitable customer relationships.

The current uncertain macroeconomic situation as a result of the war in Ukraine has led to increased pressure on energy supplies, spiralling prices on consumer goods and the consequent erosion of buying power for most households. Adverse factors have caused inflation to increase and economic activity to contract. Faced with this unstable situation, the financial sector has seen itself forced to adopt a more restrictive position with respect to lending. This new approach covers four key areas: greater prudence with regard to decision-making and risk monitoring; evaluating existing strategies and the way that data, digitalisation and the customer experience (CX) are used in collections processes; the increase in late payments and fraud; and an expected increase in non-payments.

GDS Modellica had already identified these issues early on and, thanks to its extensive experience, has been able to develop flexible solutions that allow financial businesses to devise, manage and improve strategies in an agile, convenient and tailored way. These solutions also help them to maintain regulatory compliance and accelerate the commercial cycle when providing quotes and approving credit whilst ensuring maximum security and prudent decisions through risk management analysis.

According to Antonio García Rouco, managing director at GDS Modellica, their solutions “cover all aspects of the credit cycle, including approval, customer management, fraud, collections and regulations”. They also offer “specific solutions built on the four key pillars of data analysis, consulting, software tools and data management”, as well as “specific risk management solutions for businesses with a user-friendly interface”. Furthermore, they provide “the necessary decision and analytics software to manage risk, combat fraud and improve the customer experience”. GDS Modellica’s solutions are aimed at those financial players looking to optimise and automate their credit risk management processes. This includes using predictive analysis, Big Data and decision management tools, as well as Cloud solutions to maximise flexibility, accelerate implementation and reduce costs.

Lastly, claims García Rouco, “anticipating risks and managing them effectively is vital for a sector in an era of technology and immediacy. At GDS Modellica, we develop effective risk management tools that make everyday decision management easy for our clients. We also support critical functions in order to aid the development and implementation of new strategies and eliminate common obstacles in legacy systems”.
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