GDS Modellica, Bronze Sponsor at Africa BankTech Summit 2021

GDS Modellica will be a Bronze Sponsor at the Africa BankTech Summit, Africa’s biggest banking technology event
The banking sector is booming in African economies and new technology will play an important role
This year, GDS Modellica will take part as a Bronze Sponsor at Africa BankTech Summit 2021, the biggest African banking technology event, which will take place on the 20th and 21st of April. This virtual summit will bring together a significant number of influential, disruptive and innovative technology companies that are currently transforming the banking industry, and it is expected that over 500 financial, banking and insurance technology executives from all 54 African countries will attend to discuss the latest trends in the financial sector in Africa.
Banks and other institutions currently play an important role in Africa’s economic development, and the African banking sector is a key driver of economic growth. According to the African Economic Outlook 2020, African economies grew some 3.4% in 2019. Now more than ever, there is a need for African banks and financial institutions to promote and adopt new technologies in order to provide customers with a complete range of high-quality, accessible and user-friendly services.
Over the course of the conference, two days of intense sessions will address the following key areas: digital transformation, which is key for the banking sector’s recovery and growth; biometric solutions, which are fundamental for banks in rural parts of Africa; and Core Banking on the cloud, also known as Banking as a Service. GDS Modellica will participate on the first day, Tuesday 20th of April, from 11:30 am, with a talk on credit decision automation.
According to GDS Modellica, the Africa BankTech Summit, “is a tremendous opportunity for technology companies and African financial institutions to talk about the future of banking in Africa and the pressures that banks face in trying to maintain operations, retain customers and reach more regions without encountering obstacles”. This conference is a great platform to learn about, evaluate and choose from the latest trends in the financial industry. Furthermore, the African banking industry boasts excellent prospects for investment in IT, infrastructure and digital transformation to meet the end goal of offering customers and users effective, efficient solutions.
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