Insurance Week 2019

The assistants of this event can go to forums of analysis and sessions in which are exposed studies of great sectoral interest, as well as to exhibitions related to the current situation of the insurance market, its problematic and foreseeable tendencies.
The objective of the Insurance Week 2019 is to promote and support the processes of change focused on the improvement of the insurance market, in all its areas. To achieve this, INESE has the collaboration and participation of the different professionals from the most important institutions, insurers, professional organizations, broker associations, service companies and consultants.
GDS Modellica has been present at the 2019 Insurance Week together with two of our partners Evicertia and Imbee – presenting the digital platform that allows insurance companies to provide of an intelligent digital channel with its customers, offering end-to-end processes, such as contracting. Evicertia – a company specializing in online services of contracting, notification and electronic custody – within the business space, made a very interesting public discover an innovative proposal for insurers: the possibility of carrying out the process of applying for a full policy contract, joining technologies such as Chatbot, decision engines, documentary and biometric recognition engines, electronic contracting and certified communication.
GDS Modellica has been an important piece in the preparation of the Chatbot of Evicertia together with Imbee: part of the production of the latter was made thanks to our team of developers and to our decision management technologies (Decison Studio and Decision Engine). GDS Modellica collaborated closely with our partners for the correct development and operation of the Chatbot.
We are proud of the work done and the trust placed in the people and solutions of GDS Modellica by Evicertia and Imbee.

Long live the decision engines!
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